Selling Your Art in Galleries — How a Doctor and a CEO Became Gallery Represented Artists


Featured Image | Brookover Gallery, Jackson, WY. Photo credit: Rod Clark

Up on the Wall in Jackson Hole

Besides our technical expertise and support, one of the traits that we pride ourselves on at Digital Transitions is our dedication to the community that we build and foster between our clients in the high-end photography space.

That’s how passionate photographers Amr El-Shafei, a cardiologist from Arkansas, and Rudy Atallah, a veteran and founder/CEO of his own consulting firm, came to be represented in the prestigious Brookover Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming. But how did two hobbyist photographers get the opportunity to transform their work from a simple pastime to gallery sales? 


Getting the Best Tools for the Job

Though they work in very different fields, Amr and Rudy both share the drive to be the best at what they do and appreciate that having the best tools for the job can make all the difference. That made them perfect clients for us, and as a result, both have been working with Lance Schad at Digital Transitions for years. They use a variety of camera systems across several brands and formats to capture their signature images, but turn to their Phase One systems when they are looking for the highest image quality for gallery prints.

Both use the versatile Phase One IQ4 150MP back, which functions as a modular sensor that works equally well on their XF and XT platforms — something that no other camera system can offer. Amr has even expanded his photographic toolbox with the IQ4 150MP Achromatic and Wide Spectrum digital backs for black and white and color infrared imaging respectively, as he feels that each of the three variants provide a unique look for the image he is looking to convey.

According to Rudy, “Phase One is a unique camera system that gives a person creative license to push the boundaries of his/her imagination. Other cameras cannot compare. In essence, it’s like a Lamborghini, crafted with the photographer in mind.”

The IQ4 150MP digital back on the Phase One XT Field Camera, used by both Rudy and Amr.


A Natural Fit

Both photographers had a strong interest in nature and wildlife photography and were serious about printing and exhibiting their images, so Lance connected them with similar photographers and printmakers, and eventually to David Brookover, a fine art photographer who established his own gallery in 2001.

Located in the scenic Jackson Hole Valley, the Brookover Gallery is a spectacular location for visiting collectors interested in fine art landscape prints. David was very excited to see Amr and Rudy’s work and felt that their imagery and professional presentation were in line with the gallery’s vision. From there, it was a simple, logical step for Amr and Rudy to exhibit their own work in the gallery! The gallery is currently open by appointment for in-person and remote visits, and exhibits work by all three artists. Here are a couple of highlights from the gallery:

Black and White Images by Rudy Atallah

Color Work by Rudy Atallah

Storm Images by Amr El-Shafei

Architectural Work by Amr El-Shafei

The Moral of the Story

Choosing the right dealer when buying high-end equipment is critical to ensure you get the service and support that you deserve, but when you choose to work with a partner like Digital Transitions, who has earned the trust of renowned photographers around the world, you also join a rich, photographic community, where exciting opportunities are always just around the corner.

We are always looking for ways to connect our clients with one another, via workshops, courses, seminars, or even just good old-fashioned emails or phone calls! We also have partnerships with the nation’s premier analog and digital printmakers, galleries across the US, and even museums, and are always looking to build relationships with anyone that has a similar passion for the art of photography.

We wish them the best of luck with this new venture and are very confident this is only the part of the progression of what’s to come from these two talented photographers. You can follow them at their following on the web here: Amr’s InstagramRudy’s Website, and Brookover Gallery.

Want to learn more about taking advantage of the Digital Transitions community? Contact your sales rep, or if you’re new, send us an email at to learn how we can guide you in the direction you want to go!