Schneider Blue Ring Lens Comparison

The best sensor in the world doesn’t mean anything without a great lens. The incredibly high detail captured by a 150MP sensor can easily exceed the resolving ability of lower-quality glass.

With every new product released by Phase One, we take the time to independently test and verify its quality and capabilities so that we can provide our customers with the most accurate knowledge and guidance possible. We don’t rely on manufacturer-provided MTF charts, but insist on basing our opinion on real-world testing. As we like to say, “the proof is in the picture.”

To that end, we are sharing some of the raw files that we used to evaluate the performance of the Schneider LS Blue Ring line of lenses as used with the Phase One’s IQ3 100MP and IQ4 150MP digital backs. For a detailed breakdown of lens technology, and why quality is more important than ever with today’s high-resolution camera systems, see our in-depth article “Lenses for 150 Megapixels.”

It should be noted that these Raw files are a small part of the over 100GB of real-world raw file testing that Digital Transitions has used over the past 16 years to make sure we’re giving our clients objective, evidence-based advice. After a thorough evaluation, our conclusion is that every current Schneider Blue Ring lens more than resolves 150MP of detail. In fact, it appears that Phase One’s continual investment in new lenses over the past decade means these lenses should have more than enough resolving power for the next few generations of sensor technology advancement.

But don’t take our word for it. Download the raws by filling out the form below—or stop by our Phase One Demo Studios in LA or NYC—to make your own evaluation.