DT Dovetail with Compendium Mount for Phase One XT


The DT Dovetail Compendium Mount makes using a compendium with the Phase One XT far faster, easier, and more ergonomic.

Standard Compendium Mount DT Dovetail Compendium Mount
Gets in way of handle, shutter, and lens access Leaves handle, shutter, and lens unencumbered
Rotates with camera, requiring reshaping to scene Stays in place during rotation
Requires bringing separate adapter with  two screws that are easy to lose Directly accepts compendium rails
Must be manually disassembled for hand held shooting Can stay with tripod mount when XT is removed for hand held shooting
Flash transmitter must be stacked on top of compendium adapter, on top of camera Flash transmitter mounts under XT
(requires WRS-1075)

NOTE: This item does not include the compendium itself (WRS-1090) or the cold shoe adapter (WRS-1075) that appear in some of the product photos. However, those items are available for purchase from DT.