Phase One XF Firmware Update 4.02.7

UPDATE: There is currently a bug in the firmware when you preview an image on an IQ4 LCD that was shot in the vertical orientation, the scaling does not function properly when zooming in past 10%, and the preview section jumps to another part of the image. A current workaround is to go into Menu > File Settings > Image Orientation and change the setting from “Auto” to “0°“. This will force the digital back to preview all images in landscape orientation, which does not suffer from the scaling issue from our testing.

In this Service Release (4.02.7.FWP) firmware update, Phase One has unified all IQ Series (including IQ4) digital back firmwares into single package, which you are able to download from here (section Feature Update #4 SR2 for IQ4 and XF).  This package will simplify the firmware updating process for users who own different IQ series platforms with multiple XF camera body systems.  For all IQ4 users, please make sure the digital back’s firmware is at 1.00.2 or later before using the 4.02.7 SR2 firmware package.

Important Note:  For the IQ4 firmware update, there will be a period of time where the LCD screen is off.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE FIRMWARE UPDATE HAS BEEN COMPLETED.  The internal components are still being updated and this is denoted by the pulsating blue LED light on the digital back.  Please do not touch the system until the notification lights are off and the LCD screen shows “Successfully Installed Firmware”.

In this service release, Phase One has focused on the following:

  • Localization – to install Asian language firmware, the firmware can be downloaded here (section Feature Update #4 SR2 Asian Language Firmware)
    • English
    • German
    • Russian
    • Korean (requires additional Asian language firmware)
    • Japanese (requires additional Asian language firmware)
    • Chinese (requires additional Asian language firmware)
    • Swedish
    • Italian
    • Spanish
  • Exposure Zone Tool on IQ4 Preview
  • AFr Support
    • Schneider Kreuznach 35mm f/3.5 Blue Ring
    • Schneider Kreuznach 45mm f/3.5 Blue Ring
    • Schneider Kreuznach 240mm f/4.5 Blue Ring
  • Focus Stacking Calculator Support
    • Schneider Kreuznach 45mm f/3.5 Blue Ring
    • Schneider Kreuznach SK 150mm f/2.8 Blue Ring
    • Schneider Kreuznach SK 150mm f/3.5 Blue Ring

Below are the firmware version numbers from the package for each IQ series to make sure that the installation is successful.

Firmware Version:

IQ1 and IQ2 CCD Sensor:  8.06.1

IQ3 CCD Sensor:  3.06.1

IQ1, IQ2, and IQ3 CMOS Sensor:  5.10.1

IQ4 Sensor:  2.00.20

XF Camera Body:  4.05.3

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure, please feel free to contact DT Support at

Best regards,

Joseph King

Support | Digital Transitions