Announcement: Phase One XF Camera Body and Mamiya Leaf Credo Compatibility

Phase One and Mamiya Leaf have announced today that the Phase One XF Camera Body and accessories will now be available for Credo Digital Backs. With a simple firmware update the whole Credo line of Digital Backs are now ready for the Phase One XF Camera Body.

To ensure proper operation and communication of the XF Camera Body and the Credo Digital Back, you will need Firmware version 2.02 for Credo 50, or Firmware version 4.01 for Credo CCD backs (40/60/80), as well as Firmware version 1.08.1 for the Phase One XF Camera Body. Please download your relevant firmware from below.

Credo 50 Firmware Download the 2.02 Release Notes here

Credo 40/60/80 Firmware Download the 4.01 Release Notes here


The Phase One XF Camera Body represents a fundamental re-engineering of all key elements of the modern Medium Format camera:

• Robust, aerial-grade mechanics
• New advanced electronics
• New “HoneyBee” Autofocus
• New modular viewfinders
• Integrated Profoto Air Sync flash trigger
• Customizable button layout

XF Bodies and Accessories can be purchased in our online store or below: