Phase One Launches “Extraordinary Passion” Campaign with DT Client Rudy Atallah

This week Phase One is launching their new “Extraordinary Passion” campaign, showcasing an array of outstanding photographers with the stories behind their work and why they’re passionate about using Phase One medium format camera systems. We’re proud to share that as part of this campaign, they chose long-time DT client, Rudy Atallah.

Not only is Rudy a talented and passionate photographer, but he’s also a real-life American war hero, an entrepreneur, and the founder of two non-profits. The video below is definitely worth watching to get hear his incredible story.

Working with DT

Rudy’s relationship with DT began almost a decade ago when Rudy was shooting with a Mamiya Leaf 28 MP system. He’d originally bought the camera from another dealer, but was disappointed with their lack of post-purchase support. Having spoken to Lance Schad at Digital Transitions previously, he reached out to DT, whose award-winning service & support team was able to take care of his issue.

“My original medium format dealer didn’t give me the support I needed. Luckily DT was there to step in and help,” says Atallah.

“Lance Schad at DT is always there for me, picking up the phone night and day. If I’m going on a trip and want to know what lens I should bring, he’s always available to answer those kinds of questions. You don’t get that with other camera companies. You can’t pick up the phone and reach someone specific at Nikon or Canon. DT is the only company that does that.”

As Rudy’s relationship with DT grew, he eventually upgraded to his first Phase One digital back, an IQ1 50MP, giving him a significant increase in resolution, dynamic range, and color fidelity. Now a part of the Phase One family with the continued support and personal service from DT, Rudy continued to invest in Phase One as new technologies were released – the XF Camera Body, a 100MP system, and eventually the current Phase One IQ4 150MP.

The IQ4 in particular has been another huge advancement in the quality and capabilities of medium format photography. As Rudy says in the video, “When I really really want to capture that moment with those extraordinary key details, that’s when I focus with my IQ4. Using a Phase One for me is like jumping into a Lamborghini or Ferrari.”

Rudy’s love for Phase One also goes beyond the incredible image quality. “I love the direction Phase One is going. They listen to their customers – they’re upgrading Capture One, they’re designing a smaller, lighter camera in the XT, they’re continually improving their systems through firmware updates. It makes a huge difference for me.

Your Success is Our Success

In addition to his website,, Rudy is also partnering with David Brookover to show work at the Brookover Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

At DT we’ve always looked at our customers as partners more than clients, and when they succeed, we succeed. We’re thrilled that Phase One has chosen to share Rudy’s story and amazing photography in their new campaign, and we look forward to seeing more of Rudy’s work in the future.

If you have any questions about Phase One cameras, or medium format in general, reach out to us. The experts at DT are always happy to help

Watch the Video