Phase One IQ4 “Creative Control” Feature Update

The IQ4 150MP “Creative Control” feature update (aka firmware update, aka FU1) follows in the tradition of many feature updates made to the Phase One XF, adding genuinely useful, and in some cases ground breaking tools, for free, for all existing users. We expect this is the first of many such updates for the IQ4 which has been christened the “infinity platform” because it was specifically designed with a long lifetime of free feature updates in mind.

This specific round of updates includes three major feature groupings (Automatic Frame Averaging, C1 Styles, and New Storage Options) and a couple minor improvements. We’ve written about the first two in other articles, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s a summary of the most important points:

Automatic Frame Averaging

  • Very easy to use
  • Three primary benefits
    • Easier Long Exposures – no (or greatly reduced) need for ND filters and exposure can be set and checked before you start the long exposure
    • Lower Noise – by averaging many frames the (already very low) noise in shadows will be significantly smoothed out
    • Sharper – because you don’t need (or need far fewer) ND filters there is less chance for loss of sharpness and less chance for flare
  • No post processing or storing large quantities of raw files. The output, even when using a thousand sensor readouts in a row, is a single standard P1 raw file.

C1 Styles

  • Take a style you create in C1 and add it to a custom slot on your IQ4
  • IQ4 still captures raw files, so you can always remove the style or further refine it in C1
  • Consistent image appearance throughout your workflow
  • Allows styles that include:
    • Exposure
    • Contrast
    • Brightness
    • Saturation
    • Levels
    • Curves
    • Color Editor
    • Color Balance
    • Clarity
    • Highlight/Shadow 

New Storage Options

  • SD can now be used for the primary storage of raw files; most of the time you’d still want to use XQD because it’s faster
  • SD can now be used as “rollover storage” in the case XQD fills up
  • When shooting tethered, if you disconnect (on purpose or accidentally) and then later reconnect, the images shot to card in between will be automatically transferred.

Minor Improvements

  • Bug fixed that caused issues for in-camera review of vertical-orientation captures

If you were hoping for a feature or improvement that isn’t in this Feature Update let us know [contact link]. Phase One is already hard at work on its next major update, and as their largest dealer in the world they’ve asked us for feedback on what to prioritize.

For detailed instructions on updating your IQ4 Digital Back, read our article here. Fill out the form below to download the Frame Averaging RAW file examples, or contact us for more information or free a free demo.

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