Phase One IQ4 150 MP – Early Feedback

As the first few dozen IQ4 150s made it into our customers’ hands over the last month, we’ve started to receive feedback and images, and it looks like Phase One has another winner! The most obvious difference is the increase in megapixels, but people are immediately noticing the vastly increased dynamic range & color fidelity (thanks to the new BSI sensor), as well as a greatly improved speed and workflow.

Here are just a few of the comments we’ve gotten from our early-adopters, as well as some of the first shots of the IQ4 “in the wild.”

Pierangelo Lanfranchi took his IQ4 150MP to Bermuda, and with his 45mm Schneider Kreuznach lens took a 60 second night-time exposure of Hamilton Beach. “Files right out of the camera are amazing and long exposure is subject to light and color temperature changing, so it’s important to get the file right.” Says Pierangelo, “I am still amazed about the color rendering. It really cuts down on post editing.”

“Hamilton Beach” by Pierangelo Lanfranchi |

DT client, Robert Sinclair, is “nothing short of amazed’ by his new IQ4. He reports “the workflow with this back on a tech cam is significantly improved from anything in the past” and that “the clarity, dynamic range, and tonal qualities before any adjustments are superior to anything before.”

Fans taking pics of the IQ4 in Portugal. Image by Amr El-Shafei

Amr El-Shafei’s first trip with his new IQ4 was to Portugal, where his Phase One system attracted the attention of some fellow photogs as he set up on a cliff overlooking the sea. “I am glad I got to play with the 150. What a Christmas Gift!”

David Knight was impressed enough to take a short video of his first IQ4 shoot and share it with us. “I love the live view because it allows you to pinch-and-zoom to check your critical focus,” said David.

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