Phase One P-series End of Life Specials

Trade-in your current P/P+ Back and get up to 30% Discount 


Until June 30th, 2018, take 30% off a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) XF Camera System, when you trade in a P+ back.


The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) XF Camera System includes: 

IQ Digital Back
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm lens
IQ Digital Back

Modern UI. Top Image Quality. Up to full-frame 645 sensor with 100mp resolution. 16-bit color. Touch-screen retina-grade LCD. Fast USB3 tethering. 

Phase One XF Body

Fast autofocus. Powerful features like focus stacking, Profoto Air transmitter, and seimsmograph. This is the most advanced camera body on the planet.

Schneider 80mm LS

Not your average kit lens. This normal-length lens is fast, sharp, and has beautiful bokeh and a native leaf shutter flash sync of 1/1,600th sec. 

Prism Viewfinder

Big, Bright, and Beautiful. This 100% coverage optical viewfinder displays a tactile, dimensional, and immediate view of the scene.

All new accessories

All the cables, batteries, and other accessories that are normally included. All brand new. 

Warranty and Support

Every Certified Pre-Owned component carries a full 1-year warranty and unlimited support by Digital Transitions, the Phase One Support Partner of the Year.


About Our Certified Pre-Owned Program

All Phase One Certified Pre-Owned Camera Systems, Digital Backs, and lenses are held to our no-compromise philosophy. Each piece has gone through a rigorous 9-step certification process to ensure like-new medium format performance and quality. Everything is shipped in like-new condition, in new packaging, and with all accompanying accessories. Every Certified Pre-Owned component comes with a full 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.


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