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XF IQ1 100MP Camera System Includes:
XF Camera Body 
XF Prism Viewfinder
Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS Lens
IQ1 100MP Digital Back
List price $35,990
Promo Price $29,990
Buy or lease at rates as low as $609 a month.

Certified Pre-Owned XF IQ1 60MP Camera System Includes:
CPO XF Camera Body
CPO XF Prism Viewfinder
CPO SK 80mm LS Lens
CPO IQ1 60MP Back
List price $20,980
Promo Price $14,990
Buy or lease at rates as low as $309 a month

Valid until March 31, 2018!

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Why Medium Format?

  • Color: Phase One is different. No more murky, mixed up, muddy colors. Starting with a 16-bit sensor, Phase One controls every component of the chain, including the lens transmission, sensor response, and Capture One’s color engine and color profiles. The result? Skin tone sings, grass has never been greener, and blue skies are infinite.

  • Lenses: Phase One’s Schneider LS Blue Ring lens line is like nothing available for small-format. Their design balances absolute sharpness with beautiful rendering, beautiful bokeh, and excellent color transmission. Moreover their native flash sync speed is 1/1600th, without the loss of light inherent to the pseudo-sync methods that small format cameras are limited to.

  • Dynamic Range and Pliability: Phase One’s 16-bit full-frame 645 sensor provides unparalleled depth to the images. These raw files can go deep in post without falling apart, looking artificial or plasticy. So go ahead, play with those sliders!

  • Frame size is 54x40mm rather than 36x24mm and a extra-large beautiful sensor – 2.5 times larger than small-format cameras.

  • BIG beautiful viewfinder: Photographers stuck on small-format cameras often don’t know the joy they are missing looking through the big, beautiful, bright viewfinder of the full frame 645 Phase One XF. The connection between your eye and reality is unimpeded and the tactility overwhelming. Prefer a lower point of view or an uninterrupted eye-to-eye connection with your subject? The optional Waist Level Viewfinder provides additional view flexibility without losing the power and speed of autofocus and metering.

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