New Year, New Gear – 5 Things Every Photographer Needs in Their Camera Bag

The new year brings with it many resolutions. Among the most popular are hitting the gym more, getting outside your comfort zone, ticking items off your to-do list that may have waited just a bit too long, and traveling to new and exciting destinations. In every case, we are all trying to be the best version of ourselves.

There is at least one thing photographers have in common– wherever our resolutions take us we want to document everything: the people, places, and cultures. We’re storytellers looking to share our experiences and perspectives with the world. To capture these moments effectively, we need to be prepared– and it starts in your camera bag.

We’ve all been there. You’re on set and just getting set up only to realize you forgot your camera! Okay, maybe what you forgot wasn’t quite that critical, but any little bump can throw off your shoot and the goal is for things to go as smoothly as possible. Here’s a few things we think will improve your workflow in the field.


1) Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filters let photographers shoot at shutter speeds and apertures that might otherwise over-expose an image, allowing us to achieve effects like blurred motion or more shallow depth-of-field. Graduated ND filters filter the image over a gradient, making it possible to properly expose two parts of an image that would otherwise need two separate exposures. Essentially these shorten your post-processing and editing time by getting as much accomplished in camera as possible. Even with advancements in technology, like automated frame averaging for the IQ4, there are still circumstances under which you need a good ND filter– including shooting in bright situations where your shutter speed can’t be lower than 0.6 seconds or working with an older model digital back. It’s a good idea to keep a few on hand so you’re prepared if the situation calls for it. We recommend Wine Country Camera’s excellent high-quality filter systems. You can get yours in our e-shop.


2) LCD Shade

Sometimes the perfect light for your shot is not the perfect light for your LCD screen. The daylight may come down at just the right angle creating a glare that completely prohibits your view of the screen. This may hinder your ability to get the full use of your IQ4 Digital Back features including live view, focus masking, and Capture One styles preview. Avoid the headache all together by adding a DT-exclusive LCD shade to your camera bag. The best part? It will work on any IQ back. So no matter what model you’re working with, we got you covered (pun-intended). Good-bye glares!


3) Spare Batteries

I think this has happened to all of us. You get to your location, set up the shot, and you’re waiting for the perfect light to hit your subject just right, when you realize your battery is getting low and you immediately enter problem solving mode– Did I bring a spare? Do I have time to charge? Where is the nearest camera store to get a replacement? Can I get there and back before I lose my light? Avoid the panic and keep a few extra batteries in your backpack at all times. Don’t forget to double-check that they are fully charged before you leave for your shoot. If you’re planning on shooting all day it’s a good idea to have enough batteries for at least two full charges with you. We hope this one is already on your list, but we can’t make a must-have-in-your-camera-bag article without including spare batteries.


4) The Phase One XT

Going places is definitely at the top of our resolution list and the Phase One XT is built for exactly that. It’s a field camera, so it’s designed to travel seamlessly with your adventurous spirit from the city streets to remote landscapes. While each destination is not without its unique challenges, the Phase One XT can conquer them all. Its compact, portable, and versatile design will definitely help your destination shoot go much smoother.

5) Rosewood Grip

Get the ultimate, luxury experience with your Phase One XT by customizing it with a unique Rosewood Grip. This accessory is available exclusively from Digital Transitions. The rosewood used for each grip as a unique grain and color, making your grip different from any other. You’re sure to stand out with this customization. Special pricing is available if bundled with your Phase One XT purchase.


Including these items along with your usual camera bag staples, like memory cards, tether cables, light meters, and assorted lenses is sure to help your next destination shoot be an even greater success! Questions? Want to set up a demo? Contact us or give us a call at 212-529-6825.