New Schneider Blue Ring LS Lenses

Schneider Kreuznach and Phase One announced today the release of three new LS lenses for the Phase One platform. The three lenses are “Blue Ring” upgrades to the Schneider 55LS, Schneider 80LS, and Schneider 150LS.

If you’re asking yourself “What is a ‘Blue Ring’ upgrade?” then read on…

Schneider LS Recap

In a world obsessed with pixels, good glass is the most underrated link in the Image Quality Chain. A great sensor combined with mediocre lenses is like taking a kobe cut of beef and burning it to a black char; all the potential quality is ruined. Too many camera systems are like this – great sensors, mediocre lenses.

Nearly a decade ago Phase One partnered with German glass luminaries Schneider Kreuznach to ensure their blossoming Phase One platform would not fall victim to that fate. The story of this collaboration is told in more detail in our feature article on Luminous Landscape “The Phase One XF Story: Past, Present, and Future.” In short, ten leaf shutter lenses for the Phase One platform were released over the ensuing years providing Phase One customers a wide range of high quality optics.

Something New, Something Blue

Until today the most recent two lenses released in this collabration are the Schneider 35LS and Schneider 120LS which had an interesting design change from the previous Schneider LS lenses – a prominent Blue Ring. These new “Blue Ring” lenses had several improvements from previous lenses.

  • Serialized: Every lens is now electronically identifiable. Some customers like rental houses that have several Phase One bodies and several copies of a given Phase One lens (e.g. five copies of the Schneider “Blue Ring” 120LS). The Phase One XF can identify and calibrate focus for each specific Blue Ring lens. The serial number will also be embedded in the metadata, making it easier to track down which specific lens was used in a given photo shoot.
  • Tolerances: Both the physical design of the lens (how it holds the optical elements in place) and the manufacturing process in place during manufacturing have been improved. This means tighter quality control and better optical results.
  • Feel: The “Blue Ring” lenses now match the polished and professional look and feel of the XF Camera System. The metal focusing ring and AF/MF selector ring is made from precision milled aluminum and the lens hood is a solid metal design with a subtle and practical rubber lip.
  • Warranty: Like all Schneider LS lenses, the new “Blue Ring” lenses feature a five year warranty when purchased in a kit with a Phase One IQ3 digital back. This warranty includes a loaner lens provided during any repairs or service of the lens. Combined with the tightened quality control and more robust industrial design this warranty provides great assurance that purchasing these “Blue Ring” lenses is a long term investment.

Try The New Lenses in Person

We will have a copy of each of the Blue Ring lenses (35LS, 55LS, 80LS, 120LS Macro, and 150LS) with our XF Bodies at the upcoming Photo Plus Expo and our 12 Year Anniversary Party.