Modifying older lenses for use on the XF

As we discussed in the Big Buttery Bokeh; Ultra Fast Portrait Lenses for Phase One Bodies article, some older lenses do not natively mount to the new Phase One XF. However, they can be mechanically modified in such a way that they mount to the XF, without compromising the ability to use them on older bodies. So far as we can tell this only applies to manual focus, manual aperture lenses, originally designed for the 645 Pro TL. For details on the modification please contact us at

We have not had the opportunity to test every legacy lens for the simple reason that we do not own a copy of every such lens. Below is a list of lenses we know do or do not require modification. If you have a lens not on this list and are in NYC, LA, Colorado, or Texas and are willing to bring it to our office or one of our events we can put it on an XF and determine if it requires modification and will add it to the below list accordingly.


Lenses we know DO require modification

  • Mamiya 80mm f/1.9
  • Mamiya 50mm Shift
  • Mamiya 300mm f/2.8 APO
  • Mamiya 24mm Fisheye ULD C
  • Mamiya 150mm f2.8 A
  • Mamiya 145mm f4 SF C
  • Mamiya 200mm f2.8 APO
  • Mamiya 2x Teleconverter