Massive Still Life Shootout

The Limits of Someone Else’s Testing

Digital Transitions firmly believes the best test is the one you run yourself, in your typical shooting environment, with your typical subject matter, with your particular approach to shooting. We provide several ways for you to do such testing:

  • Our offices in NYC and LA are available to any of our current or future clients to do test shoots.
  • We host several open houses, attend several photo conferences, and support several workshops every year where we have extensive collections of gear for use and testing.
  • We can arrange a rental-toward-purchase where you rent the equipment and the cost of the rental is counted toward your purchase.

That said, we do our own in house testing as well, as much to inform our own opinions as to share with our clients.

Which Tests Were Run

Even dedicating an entire day to testing it was not possible to do run every test on every camera. Below is a table showing what test files you will find, and in which folders (e.g. the IQ3 60mp ISO sweep is in folder [X37 j]. We have rented a Pentax 645Z and Canon 5Ds and will be adding test raws from those cameras next week. If you are in NYC and own another camera and would like it included in this testing, please contact Doug Peterson ( ASAP.

1 Light
IQ3 100mp X37 a X37 b X37 c X37 d X37 e
IQ3 80mp X37 f X37 g X37 h X37 i
IQ3 60mp X37 j X37 k X37 l X37 m
IQ3 50mp Pending Pending Pending
Credo 50 X37 q X37 r X37 s
Credo 40 X37 t X37 u
Sony A7 II X37 v X37 w
Sony A7R II X37zg
X37zf X37zh
Pentax 645Z X37zd
X37zb X37zc
Canon 5Ds X37 X37y X37z  X37za

The tests marked “pending” should be complete by the end of next week.

Download Raw Files

To downloaded the Raw files from this shoot out test, submit your email on our Phase One IQ3 100mp Raw File Download Page to receive an email with download links. If you have problems accessing the files please email

Alternative Ways to Receive these files

All told this set of raw files is more than 31 gigabytes. Even on a fast connection you may struggle to download them. Please contact us if you would like to make alternative offline arrangements to receive these files.