Kick off this Spring with one of the best Phase One deals.

The IQ1 series shares the same sensors, retina touch-screen, high speed USB3, and Capture One integration as the flagship IQ3. In May this entry-level series is even more affordable! Through May 31st Phase One has dropped the price of their entry level systems. The Phase One IQ1 40mp* is now only $9,990 while the IQ1 50mp* is now $19,990 outright.

*Confused about the name? Thought it was the Phase One IQ140 / IQ150 not the Phase One IQ1 40mp / 50mp? See our Phase One IQ Naming article.

Want to add a XF body?

XF + IQ1 40MP back (excludes lens) for $13,990
XF + IQ1 50MP back (excludes lens) for $23,990
Includes 1-year warranty.

Need the whole kit and kaboodle?

XF IQ1 40MP for $14,990
XF IQ1 50 MP for $24,990
Includes 1-year warranty and 80mm Blue Ring lens.

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Check out our leasing options with monthly payments starting as low as $239/mo.