IQ4 firmware update (1.01.18)

IQ4 firmware 1.01 is now available for download at DT has done initial testing on this firmware and will continue testing it throughout the rest of today. 

This firmware update is focused on bug fixes for improved stability. The bug fixes include a variety of small bugs (e.g. Focus stacking in IIQ-S could cause a lockup, time lapse could lock up in certain circumstances) as well as a critical bug that could, in some situations, result in images not being stored to card.

Although this was mostly a bug-fix update, there are a few small feature changes including:

  • Extended USBC power source support
  • White Balance Picker available in Live View and on full screen preview – save to custom WB
  • System Setting (XF and IQ) save and restore menu to memory card
  • XF Custom Setup – storage and load from memory cards
  • Live View Auto Power down
  • Two-Shot mode – support with two shot cable on multiport. (physical cable to do so still pending)
  • Shot count now shown in About
  • Removal of the Live View Settings menu item, since all those settings can now be accessed within live view (from the swipe-in-from-right drawer)

Please do not interrupt the updating process. Updating can take more than 10 minutes, during this time the back will seem inactive, but interfering with this process can be fatal and unrecoverable. If updating fails, the digital back has to go back to service. After the update is complete, the system will reboot and display a dialog on the XF Screen and/or the IQ4 Screen stating “Firmware Verified!”

Phase One is working round-the-clock on some important features/functionality such as XF Power Sharing, ES Self Timer, Live View modes etc. Those are coming, but not in this particular firmware update.

*January 8 Update: Continued testing has all been positive. We now suggest this update for our clients.