IQ4 Firmware 1.03.26 Now Available

IQ4 firmware version 1.03.26 is now available for download here at Phase One’s website.  DT has done the initial testing on this firmware and will continue testing it throughout the rest of the week.

As it was mentioned on the last firmware update, Phase One focused their time on a couple of important features and functionalities, and they are now available in this firmware update:

Major Updates

  • XF/IQ4 Power Sharing
  • Electronic Shutter Self Timer (available when ES is turned on)
  • Live View Mode (toggle between Simulated Exposure and ViewFinder Mode)
  • Triple Tap to Zoom to 400%
  • AutoFocus and Recompose
  • Various stability improvements and performance tweaks

Minor Updates

  • Shutter Speed is hidden when ES mode is off while using technical cameras
  • Host Name can be changed under Network Settings
  • Power Info is available under Power Management

This update will be especially welcome for those using flash in a Live View-centric workflow (e.g. studio product photography) and those using a technical camera in low light conditions.

Despite its incremental-sounding name, the IQ4 is a completely new platform. Every component of the IQ3 was redesigned from the ground up; the IQ4 has all new hardware (sensor, GPU, CPU), all new connectivity (usb-c, ethernet, new wireless tech), a new OS, and a new user interface. As with many completely new platforms, the first firmware release fell shy in some areas. With this 1.03.26 firmware release the IQ4 now feels far less “bleeding edge” and far more mature and refined. Panning around images is now smoother, overall responsivity is higher, live view is more usable in a broader range of situations, and many small improvements have been made throughout the system. Phase One is hard at work on additional improvements (such as integration with Capture Pilot), and we expect the rest of 2019 to bring significant features and improvements as well. This 1.03.26 firmware provides a very solid base on which Phase One can build those additional features.

Important Note:  For this firmware update, there will be a period of time where the LCD screen is off.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE FIRMWARE UPDATE HAS BEEN COMPLETED.  The internal components are still being updated and this is denoted by the pulsating blue LED light on the digital back.  Please do not touch the system until the notification lights are off and the LCD screen shows “Successfully Installed Firmware Release 1.03.26” on the digital back.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure, please feel free to contact DT Support at