High Sierra

Apple has released MacOS High Sierra. For those using their computer in a professional photographic workflow, we suggest against immediately upgrading. Phase One has a large development team and takes a lot of pride in testing Capture One during the beta period of new OS releases. DT also does extensive in-house testing so we can give advice based on our own experience, rather than relying exclusively on Phase One’s own testing. However:

  1. Apple often makes small changes between the last beta (“gold master”) and the final release. Those usually don’t cause problems, but they sometimes can, and the only way to know is to wait and see.
  2. Some issues only manifest after a broader release. Phase One maintains rooms full of test computers with different hardware, but they can’t come close to testing every possible combination.

We suggest you wait until at least one update has been made to the new OS and at least one post-OS-release update has been made to Capture One. In fact we suggest that for all software you run in your mission-critical workflows. 

When you’re ready to upgrade we suggest making a bootable backup of your current (well tested, and time proven) setup using a program like SuperDuper so that if you run into any problems with the new OS you can easily revert. Then make sure to test the new setup thoroughly before using it on set or in a time-critical use.

Bottom line: let others do the cutting-edge testing.