First Phase One 100mp Fashion Raw Files

About the Shoot

Every time a new camera is released a slew of test images begin appearing. One of the most common is a photo of a model’s face with a Color Checker. We wanted to create a test image that was, first and foremost, a good image. So we worked with makeup/hair artist Kara Graves to riff off the cliche of the Color Checker + Model cliche.

We have a more complete set of technical tests (ISO sweeps, lens comparisons, comparisons to other backs) coming in the next few days. But for now please enjoy these raw files. And if you’d like arrange your own personal test, please contact us at


Photographer: Our own Doug Peterson
Hair/Makeup: Kara Graves (aka maskaramua)
Model: Daphne Cheng, cofounder of Exhibit C

Small JPGS

Download RAW Files

To downloaded the beefy raw files from this test, submit the form on our Phase One IQ3 100mp Raw File Download Page.

Copyright and Sharing

Please fee free to re-share these raw files, process the images and share JPGs or TIFFs (with or without retouching) or other wise. Wherever possible please use the hashtag #digitaltransitions and/or link to this page.

Testing and File Notes

The Phase One IQ3 100mp was used in the full [IIQ L – 16 bit] mode. These raws were then packed as EIPs which can be opened in Capture One 9.0.2; if you’re a LightRoom user contact us for a DNG or IIQ version of these files, or 16 bit TIFFs processed out of Capture One 9.0.2.

The camera was a Phase One XF and the lens was the Schneider 120mm LS lens.

Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_08_Aperture-Sweep Diffraction Test. f/14 used
Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_15_Aperture-Sweep Over exposure test (+1.5) and shallow DOF (f/4)
Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_45 Slightly under exposed
Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_61 Slightly over exposed
Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_73 Tighter headshot
Phase-One-IQ3-100MP_Digital_Transitions_82 Portrait of our makeup artist Kara Graves.