Fine Art Reproduction

Digital Transitions has specialized in art reproduction for over 15 years. Building on our experiences supplying our solutions to famous museums around the world, we are able to provide image capture systems optimized for the Fine Art Reproduction Market. Let us share our decades of experience outfitting the most demanding digitizing facilities in the world.

Scanbacks were the mainstay of fine art reproduction for decades, because they were the only option available to achieve the high resolution required for art reproduction and output printing. In the decades since, advances in high density sensors, lighting, software, and lenses make our medium format digital camera backs the perfect replacement for these legacy systems.

We offer several solutions that range from retrofitting and upgrading components of your current setup to turn-key solutions.

  • Retrofit Your Betterlight: If you already do art reproduction with a view camera with a scanback mounted we can provide the appropriate adapter and digital back to transform your legacy view camera into a modern capture system.
  • Upgrade Your DSLR: If you’ve used a general-purpose dSLR for fine art reproduction you’re already aware of their strong limitations and frustrations. We will take your DSLR as a trade in where it can be used by someone for which these cameras were designed (e.g. wedding, reportage and sports photographers).
  • Upgrade Your Digital Back: We can accept Leaf, Hasselblad, Sinar, Megavision, and other digital backs in on trade.
  • New Turnkey Solution: If you’re starting a Fine Art Repro business from scratch you’ve come to the right place. We can provide all the hardware (camera, lenses, software, lighting, camera stands) as well as the setup, training, and support you’ll need to get started.


  • Productivity: Captures and transfers in less than two seconds
  • RAW File Capture: Captures a 16 bit RAW file, fast processing & adjustment
  • Lighting Options: Strobe, Northlight HID, or DT Photon LED
  • Resolution: 40mp to 100mp options, in a single, instant capture
  • Stitching: Flat-field files allow stitching to unlimited resolution, in seconds
  • Flexibility: Allows capture of large flat artwork, photographic film, 3D objects
  • Portability: Can run from battery, allowing fast off-site capture
  • Even Fielding: Applied before or after capture with Capture One
  • Color Quality: Reproduction-grade ICC profiles included
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Resolution Versus Art Size

Our solutions range from 40mp to 100mp; this determines the size of the art you can capture at a given PPI.

1 Shot 2 Shot
Digital Back Repro Size @ 180ppi  Repro Size @ 360ppi  Repro Size @ 180ppi   Repro Size @ 360ppi 
40mp 41″ x 30″ 20″ x 15″ 41″ x 52″ 20″ x 26″
50mp 46″ x 34″ 23″ x 17″ 46″ x 59″ 23″ x 30″
60mp 50″ x 37″ 25″ x 18″ 64″ x 50″ 32″ x 25″
80mp 57″ x 43″ 28″ x 21″ 73″ x 57″ 37″ x 29″
100mp 64″ x 48″ 32″ x 24″ 82″ x 64″ 41″ x 32″
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See the Difference

Investing in a Digital Transitions Reproduction System will provide you image quality, capture speed, and reliability.

  • Test in Our Studio: We have a physical Phase One LA office and Phase One NYC office. There we have our complete solutions ready for testing, including our cameras, lenses, lights, and reproduction color profiles. Please complete the form below.
  • Remote Web Demo: We have a high-end remote conferencing setups in both our Phase One LA and Phase One NYC covering a wide range of time zones. If you would like to see our solutions from the comfort of your home please complete the form below.
  • In Studio Trial: Use the form below to request a trial of our solutions at your studio.
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