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03apr10:00 am4:00 pmPhase One IQ4 User Training - XF - NY - April 3New York | April 310:00 am - 4:00 pm ET Digital Transitions NYC Resource Center, 35 W. 35th Street, 2nd Floor

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Class Curriculum Summary
Composition, Focus, Exposure, and Capture: these are the essential interactions a photographer has with their camera. In Digital Transitions Phase One IQ4 User Training we’ll cover both the basic and advanced tools and features that facilitate these interactions. You’ll leave fully versant with the camera, from basic UI, to use of advanced tools and workflows. 
How is this different than your other classes?
DT’s Phase One IQ4 User Training focuses on daily operation of Phase One IQ4 hardware on an XF or Tech Camera. If you own or rent a Phase One IQ4 digital back this class will help you familiarize yourself with both basic and advanced use of the system. If you’re a digital tech looking for more emphasis on troubleshooting, knowing that you’ll likely work with a variety of cameras, and want do dive deeper on the internal componentry and underlying technologies that power modern cameras then Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) Class may be a better fit for you; this class emphasizes a profound understanding of the technical underpinnings of the Phase One system to help you identify and remedy the source of error messages or camera issues, and is the only class that covers legacy hardware such as the P+, IQ1, IQ2, and IQ3 back, and Phase One DF+ bodies. If you’re more interested in Capture One, then the Capture One Masters classes focus almost exclusively on the features, tips, tricks, and workflows that this software provides users of any camera. In summary, while the curriculum of all three classes overlap, they could be distilled as emphasizing digital tech’ing and troubleshooting for a variety of cameras (POCP), Capture One (C1 Masters), and Phase One IQ4 cameras (IQ4 User Training). Taking all three courses is somewhat redundant, but can also provide reinforcement and additional practice for previously covered topics.
  • Phase One IQ4 User Training:  10% Software (specific to use with cameras), 90% camera daily usage
  • Phase One Certified Professional: 30% Software, 30% camera daily usage, 40% troubleshooting and deep technical dives 
  • Capture One Masters: 90% software, 10% camera daily usage (specific to use with Capture One)


Topic Overview

Curriculum: Phase One IQ4 User Training: XF

  • Composition
    • Waist Level Viewfinder
    • Standard Viewfinder
    • Rubber-Cap Option
    • Live View on IQ4 LCD
    • Live View on iOS
    • Live View on HDMI
    • Live View via C1
  • Focus
    • HoneyBee AF Technology
    • Focus Calibration
    • AFr
    • Focus Peaking in Live View
    • HyperFocal focusing
  • Exposure
    • Three Dial Photographic Triangle
    • Locking Dials
    • In-camera meter
    • Hand-held Light meter
    • Exposure Simulation
    • Live Histogram
    • Live Raw Histogram
    • Live Clipping Warning
    • Flash Power Control
    • Flash Trimming
    • Hacking faster flash duration
  • Capture
    • Triggering from shutter release
    • Triggering from electronic cable release
    • Triggering from Profoto Air
    • Triggering from C1
    • Triggering from foot pedal
    • Triggering from script
    • Vibration Mode
    • Time Lapse Mode
    • Bracket Mode
  • In Back Post-Capture Evaluation
    • 100% pixel review
    • Focus Mask
    • Exposure Overlay
    • Flash Duration Analysis
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Ratings
    • Grids and Guides
  • Customization 
    • Basics of assigning buttons
    • Rear Button Autofocus
    • Often overlooked button options
    • Changing from within C1
    • Saving/Restoring setups
  • Potpourri 
    • Formatting Cards
    • Storage Settings
    • Lens Quality Walkthrough
    • Working with strobe
    • Focus stacking



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to bring a laptop?
Bringing a laptop is entirely optional. Part of the curriculum does cover relevant camera control tools in Capture One, but the instructor’s screen is projected during these topics, so having your own laptop is not mandatory.
Do I need to bring my own IQ4, XF, or tech camera?
We suggest you bring your own gear, so that any customization or calibration you do during the class does not need to be duplicated. However, if bringing your own gear creates a hardship please contact us at kns@digitaltransitions.com and we can likely provide a suitable system to you for the day.
Do I need to be a current owner? Do I need to have purchased from Digital Transitions?
No. However, if you buy a Phase One digital back from Digital Transitions our MaxResolution Support Package includes a free Phase One Basics class (redeemable within two months of purchase). Existing MaxResolution members will receive 50% off any Phase One Basics Class. Additionally if you take this class and do not already own an IQ4, we will count the cost of the class toward the purchase of your IQ4 (redeemable within two months of purchase).

Refund Policy

Due to the limited seating, Digital Transitions DOES NOT offer refunds for this program.


(Wednesday) 10:00 am - 4:00 pm ET


Digital Transitions NYC Resource Center

35 W. 35th Street, 2nd Floor

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