El Capitan & Capture One

Update: Capture One 8.3.4 has been released with El Capitan support. Capture One 9 was also built from the start to support El Capitan. Firmware updates for Phase One and Credo backs have been released with El Capitan support. For Team Phase One shooters (Mamiya/Leaf/Phase) there is no longer any Capture One related reason to fear scaling El Capitan. 

The question that will come up in many minds today with the release of OS X El Capitan is if it works with Capture One. 

The most current version of Capture One 8.3.3. is not optimized for the new operating system so upgrading capture stations is not recommended. In addition, Digital Transitions recommends waiting to upgrade to any new operating systems until a few updates are made. It is better to let others do the testing! We will report again when a fully-supported Capture One version is made available. 

If you have any questions please email Digital Transitions Support.