DT Experience – David Shedlarz

Corporate Executive turned fine art photographer and DT client, David Shedlarz put his IQ4 150MP digital back, Cambo tech camera, and Rodenstock lenses to the test on his recent trip to Vietnam. Inspired by new cultures and unscripted moments, he captures portraits, city views, and nightscapes on his travels. His Phase One equipment allows him to fully capture the vibrant energy and color of each person and place he encounters.

Read about his Vietnam adventures, as well as his experience with DT’s unparalleled team of photo experts who helped guide selection of the perfect camera system for his trip, at his new blog article on his website, and be sure to peruse some of this amazing photography while you’re there.


What’s in his bag?

✔ Phase One medium format IQ4 150 mega pixel

✔ Phase One medium format IQ4 150 megapixel Achromatic

✔ XF Camera with Schneider Kreuznach lenses

✔ Cambo technical camera with Rodenstock lenses


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