DT Digital Tech Night


Tech Cameras Live Stream

This page will host the live stream of our September NYC Tech Night as we present an in-depth look at Tech Cameras. Book mark this page and come back on Thursday September 26th to see the full event live. Or, if you’re in the New York City, sign up at our events page to attend in person.

Thu, September 26, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Tech Cams are Back and Better Than Ever!

Technical cameras (aka Tech Cams) are a category of camera that provide rise, fall, shift, tilt, and swing with every lens. They come in two main types: view cameras that are well suited to tabletop/macro/product photography and pancake cameras that are well suited to landscape, architecture, and street photography. During the 1990s and aughts technical cameras fell out of favor because the digital backs they worked best with were cumbersome to use – lots of cables, color cast issues, and sliding ground glass. Now with the advent of the Phase One IQ4 all the hassle is gone; no cables, no color cast, and no sliding ground glass. That means all the advantages that technical cameras have always carried (precision, movements, lens quality, flexibility) can be used fast and fluidly.


Our Head of R+D and tech cam enthusiast Doug Peterson will be on hand to present on technical cameras. The presentation will cover both the basics (in case you’ve not used a tech camera) as well as the advanced (in case you’re using them every day). He’ll discuss the technical advantages, aesthetic impact, and use cases of technical cameras, and how, after years of fading out of common use, the tech camera is roaring back in popularity.
Hands On

We’ll have a variety of technical cameras such as the Arca Swiss RM3Di, Cambo Wide RS1600, Cambo Actus, and Arca Swiss Factum with an array of lenses. We’ll have digital backs such as the IQ4 150mp and the IQ3 100mp Achromatic available for you to try on these platforms.