Comparison: The IQ3 100mp on a Hasselblad H5X and a Phase One XF

With the Phase One IQ3 100mp available in both M Mount and H Mount, it only makes sense that we continue testing it in every configuration we can. In our previous IQ3 100mp testing we compared performance at different ISOs, in different lighting, and against different cameras. Now that we have IQ3 100mp units for the Hasselblad H5X in LA and NYC for sales and rentals we wanted to see how the HC lenses hold up to the demands of the 100mp sensor compared to Schneider LS lenses. In this post, we’ll be comparing the Hasselblad HC 3,5/35mm and the Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS ƒ/3.5.

For both camera set ups, we photographed an Edmunds Optics Resolving Power Chart at ISO 50 for 1.30 s at ƒ/11. All images were captured and processed through Capture One Pro 9.1. Both lenses also have their respective profiles applied and are checked for ☑ Chromatic Aberration and ☑ Hide Distorted Areas.

When testing resolution using flat charts it’s very important that you are perfectly parallel to the chart; even a slight misalignment will throw off the results. Our experience with Cultural Heritage Digitization is helpful here; we have several tools in our office we use to ensure planarity/alignment when photographing flat objects. In this case we used a laser alignment system to ensure the lens was perfectly perpendicular to the chart.


IQ3 100mp - Hasselblad H5X vs Phase One XF - FullLeft: Hasselblad HC 3,5/35mm, Hasselblad H5X, Phase One IQ3 100mp. Right: Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS ƒ3.5, Phase One XF, Phase One IQ3 100mp.

IQ3 100mp - Hasselblad H5X vs Phase One XF - Center, 100%
Hasselblad H5X     –     center, 100%     –     Phase One XF

The full shot and the center at 100% look generally similar, but it’s when we zoom in to the corners at 100% that we see the most significant differences.

IQ3 100mp - Hasselblad H5X vs Phase One XF - Top Left, 100%
Hasselblad H5X     –     top left, 100%     –     Phase One XF

IQ3 100mp - Hasselblad H5X vs Phase One XF - Bottom Right, 100%
Hasselblad H5X     –     bottom right, 100%     –     Phase One XF

You can get some idea of the results of this test from the JPG’s above. To make a more detailed analysis of your own you can download raws from this test (comparing the two 35mm lenses), along with raws of all of our previous testing, here: Phase One Comparison Raws. We also have another 200gb of raw files from other tests, real-world shoots, and our own personal photography; these are not accessible at the link below but if you contact us we’re glad to help arrange access.

Download Raws

If you’d like to conduct your own testing, or arrange for us to do other tests, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping photographers evaluate their options, and maintain a large inventory of medium format gear on hand for just that purpose.