Capture One Studio

Capture One has been the industry-standard tethering and raw processing software for more than a decade. And while Capture One gained that position through its unmatched quality and rich feature set, Phase One recognized that multi-user corporate studios that run numerous simultaneous shoots with multiple photographers needed additional features and tools specific to that unique workflow. The launch of Capture One Studio directly addresses those needs.

Capture One Studio Exclusive Features Include:

  • X-Rite Color Camera Profile Creation: Create ICC profiles for your cameras directly inside of Capture One
  • Multi-angle workflow solution: Easily handle packshots from multiple cameras, including view naming
  • Integrated Barcode scanner: Basic and Advanced mode for naming assets as they are captured
  • Workspace Locks: Prevents the user from changing layout or settings, allowing the studio manager to set up all stations and then lock them.
  • Secure Copy / Backup: Backs up captures (from tethered camera) to a destination chosen by the user. During high-value shoots every tethered capture can be automatically backed up to another location.
  • Hot folder Actions: e.g. Automatically picks up incoming raws and process them to a destination chosen by the user
  • MORE to Come: These are only the immediate launch features. There are incredibly exciting items on the C1 Studio roadmap that we’re not allowed to share on this public webpage; contact us for more information. 


Moreover, the service and support Digital Transitions provides for Capture One Studio fits the mission-critical needs of its users with personalized on-site training & customization and premium support by a certified technician.

Digital Transitions has been working with corporate studios since we were founded 15 years ago. From our offices in LA and NYC, our in-house R&D Department has built proprietary custom tools for corporate studios, including the DT Building Blocks: AppleScripts kit which features 30 applescripts that extend the toolset of Capture One Studio.

We have extensive in-house expertise and have consulted for studios at such major brands such as Walt Disney, William Gates Foundation, Hasbro, Gilt, Ralph Lauren, and Macy’s, where we’ve worked to evaluate the existing end-to-end workflow and train the entire team, including photographers, studio managers, retouchers, and operations staff. Moreover, we’ve helped to customize Capture One based to their specific needs, script custom workflows to improve their throughput and accuracy, and integrate the capture stage with the rest of the corporate workflow.

Digital Transitions, official dealer for Capture One Studio, is ready to help you evaluate, purchase, customize, and implement Capture One Studio today.

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