Capture One 4.7 PRO/DB Released: New Feature Highlights

Enhanced Image Package File Format
(with .eip file extension)
With the new file format you can combine images and their settings into one file. This will simplify image archiving and management and make it easier to share adjusted RAW files (e.g. with retouchers or pre-press). With the new file format your images and settings are packaged into one file without compromising the original images and settings. It is always possible to unpack your original images and settings. It is possible to capture tethered directly to .eip and it is possible to convert existing files into .eip files. The Enhanced Image Package file format is currently available for Phase One digital backs only.

JPEG & TIFF File Support
It is now possible to make adjustments to jpeg and tiff files similarly to RAW files. The same* adjustment tools are available for jpeg/tiffs as for RAW files. For optimal image quality, it is recommended to capture and work with images in RAW format.

*The Lens tools (PRO/DB) are not available for jpeg/tiff adjustments. Due to the nature of jpeg/tiff files, the white balance controls work differently for this type of images than for RAW files.

Preview Improvement – Operating System Level
Windows Imaging Component (WIC) codec and Quick Look plug-in (Mac OS) for Phase One digital back files: The WIC codec and the Quick Look plug-in are imaging components that work on an operating system level. These additions give you high-quality previews of the original RAW files at OS level (e.g. in the Finder or Windows Explorer). Third party applications supporting these components will also be able to show the high-quality previews. Currently Phase One digital back files with .iiq and .eip extensions are supported.

If you have questions about the new Capture One 4.7, e-mail DT Tech Support

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