Capture One 10 – The 10 Best New Features


A new version of Capture One has just dropped. Here are our favorite new features:

1. Speed Speed Speed

Phase One recognizes that many of its users are editing large volumes of files. The viewer and browser have both received under-the-hood rewrites to improve speed both while navigating through a set of images (i.e. faster image switching) and faster image review (i.e. zooming to 100%).


2. Fight Physics, Deconvolution Sharpening

Capture One now features deconvolution sharpening. This is a specialized form of sharpening meant to counteract the general softening of the image experienced when shooting at diffracted apertures. For example an image captured at f/22 with a 100mp back will be moderately soft at 100%. Deconvolution sharpening tries to recover the blurred detail. Sounds nerdy, and, well, it is. But it means sharper images when shooting at higher aperture values.

3. Output Sharpening Without Leaving Raw

We photographers have become a pixel-peeping obsessed breed. But review at 100% is not always the most relevant way of examining an image. This is especially true when deciding how much sharpening to add to an image. An image being processed for display on Instagram should be sharpened differently than one being prepared to make a 60″ print (specifically the Instagram image should be sharpened with a higher radius).


4. What You See is What You Get – Improved Proofing

To allow viewing the image as it will appear upon output, including with the new output sharpening applied, Capture One now offers enhanced image Proofing. When Proof is turning on the Preview will show the image at its output size and with output sharpening applied. Coupled with the built-in support for Eizo Calibration this provides the best proofing possible without leaving the raw workflow. product-element-bundle-plan-960

5. Tangent Support

Power users will drool over the new deep integration Phase One has added for Tangent Panels. This feature grew up in the Phase One Labs and was later shown at Digital Transitions’ booth at Photo Plus Expo in New York. We will have a Tangent setup available to test at our New York and LA offices and are dealers for the full product line. Contact us to arrange an appointment to work with our Tangent or make a purchase of your own.

6. Filter By Orientation

It’s a shockingly specific feature that we are very excited about. You can filter images using over 70 criteria such as date, keyword, color tag, rating, location, ISO, aperture etc etc. But until now you were not able to filter by orientation. Now you can. Simple as that!


7. AppleScripting for Metadata

Digital Transitions is the leading provider of AppleScript solutions for Capture One. Our Time Lapse Editor suite and DTDCH Script Suite both heavily leverage AppleScript. So we are very excited that Phase One has added metadata handling to the official suite of Capture One AppleScript commands. We cover AppleScripting for Capture One in our Capture One Masters Program, the next instance of which is in New York next week.

8. Focus Control

You can now activate autofocus from Capture One and manually focus most supported cameras.

9. 100mp LCC Improvements

As shown in our extensive Phase One IQ3 100mp Raw File tests larger tech camera movements can sometimes cause striations on the 100mp sensor. Phase One has tweaked the LCC algorithm to detect and eliminate these issues. We’ll be testing the effectiveness of these improvements in the coming weeks.

10. Improved Cataloging

By popular demand you can now rename and move folders within the Capture One Catalog.


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