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Cambo was founded in The Netherlands in 1946 and has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Based in the town of Kampen in the East of the Netherlands, Cambo has since built a reputation for high quality, precision engineered cameras, stands and other studio equipment.

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Key Features


Cambo’s engineers take pride in their in-house world-class CNC machinery and tight manufacturing tolerances. The precision and quality of construction of a Cambo tech camera is incredibly high. The chassis are cut from solid blocks of high-grade aluminium with stainless steel used in some components including the knobs used for rise, fall, shift, tilt and swing.

Just as importantly, with more than 65 years of experience making high-end photographic equipment, Cambo also takes pride in the design of their bodies, lens panels and accessories. Great care is given to the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of every model.

Making tech cameras isn’t just their business. When you speak with the engineers at Cambo you can tell it’s a passion.

The RC-400, RS-1250, and RS-5000 all offer wooden handgrips (either Palissander or Ebony). The wood surface provides a secure and comfortable grip even in cold conditions. The grips are molded with broad finger holds providing additional holding power and a more ergonomic experience. Lightweight construction and compact design also ensure the experience of extended hand-held shooting is as pleasant as possible.

An integrated shutter release provides the ability to capture an image without repositioning your fingers. The layout of the body ensures fast access to both the shutter cocking mechanism between shots and the rise/fall/shift knobs.

All Cambo Wide tech cameras are designed to be as interchangeable, modular and customizable as possible. All lens panels as well as the adapter plate, ground glass, rangefinder, accessory mount, iPhone holder and leveling base are fully compatible with all four current Cambo tech camera models. This means that if, for instance, you own a Cambo RS-5000 kit and wish to add a Cambo RC-400 to have a compact body to take when weight/pack-size is critical then all you need to add is a Cambo RC-400 body; your lenses and accessories will be compatible with both bodies.

Moreover, the “accessory mounts” on the top of the RS-1200, RS-1250, RS-1600, RS-5000 and on all four sides of the RC-400 allow a huge variety of accessories to be mounted in a variety of manners.


Cambo Actus DB II

Cambo Bundles!

3 Great Bundles from Cambo and PhaseOne

Compact Mirrorless Wide Angle Technical Camera with shift possibilities. Ideal for Architecture, Interior, Landscape and even handheld social photography.

Ultimate Compact Mirrorless Wide Angle Technical Camera with extensive shift and tilt possibility. Ideal for Architecture, Interior, Landscape and even hand held social photography.

Ultimate Compact Mirrorless Technical View Camera with extensive shift, tilt and swing possibilities. Ideal for Product Photography in studio or on location.


Available Cambo Tech Camera Bodies



Physical Specs


  Brand Model Weight Width Height Rise Fall Shift Rear Only Capable Tilt Tilt Method
  Cambo Wide RC 400 500 120 145 20 20 Rotate Yes +/- 5 Lens
  Cambo Wide RS 600 1950 270 275 40 20 +/- 25 Yes +/- 5 Lens
  Cambo Wide RS 1200 1000 160 165 25 15 +/- 20 Yes +/- 5 Lens
  Cambo Wide RS 1250 1000 178 165 25 15 +/- 20 Yes +/- 5 Lens
  Cambo Wide RS 1600 920 180 160 20 20 +/- 20 Yes +/- 5 Lens
  Cambo Wide RS 5000
(Palissander or Ebony)
1200 190 175 25 15 +/- 22.5 Yes +/- 5 Lens

Weight (in grams) is of the body only, no adapter plate, no viewfinder, no optional handles.

Available Cambo View Camera Bodies



Physical Specs


  Brand Model Weight Width Height Depth Rise Fall Shift Swing Tilt Rear
  Cambo Actus DB2 1200 180 100 210 20 20 +/- 20 360° +10°
Rise, Fall, Shift Tilt, Swing
  Cambo Actus XL-DB 4800 310 145 340 20 20 +/- 25 +/- 20° +/- 20° All Movements All Movements

Measurements: Weight is in grams. Dimensions, rise/fall/shift are in millimeters

Available Cambo Lenses



Physical Specs


TS Available

  Brand mm Suffix f/ IC Filter Length Weight CF 150mp 100mp 50mp Cambo Arca
  Rodenstock 23 HR-S 5.6 70 72 72 580 Opt. Yes ML ML No Yes
  Rodenstock 28 HR-S 4.5 70 72 72 830 Opt. Yes ML ML Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 32 HR-W 4.0 90 86 113 795 Opt. Yes ML ML Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 35 HR-S 4.0 70 67 67 480 No Yes ML ML Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 40 HR-W 4.0 90 67 96 530 No Yes SL SL Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 50 HR-W 4.0 90 67 98 550 No Yes SL SL Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 60 HR-S 4.0 70 49 49 240 No Yes Yes Yes  No Yes
  Rodenstock 70 HR-W 5.6 100 58 73 340 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Rodenstock 90 HR-SW 5.6 120 67 82 460 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Measurements: Weight is in grams. Dimensions, rise/fall/shift are in millimeters
ML: indicates “Moderately Limited” (usable image circle reduce by a several mm). SL: indicates “Slightly Limited” (usable image circle reduced by a few mm). Opt indicates “optional”. IC indicates Image Circle.

Used Schneider Lenses: are available. Contact us for more info on these and availability.


Support & Compatibility 

What makes a Cambo a Cambo

Cambo’s line of standard and tilt-swing lens panels span from 23mm to 150mm and includes every modern Schneider and Rodenstock lens. In addition, Digital Transitions can arrange the mounting of unusual, exotic or legacy lenses.

Cambo’s unique tilt-swing lens panels allow for simultaneous, independent use of both tilt and swing. This includes lenses that few tech camera systems offer tilt/swing with such as the Rodenstock 28HR, 32HR and Schneider 43XL.

All current Cambo Tech Camera models feature all in-plane movement. This means that rise, fall and shift only move the digital back within the static image circle projected by the lens. This makes these bodies highly adept at intra-image-circle stitching. Other brands of technical camera bodies often have at least one movement which moves the lens rather than the back which causes parallex errors when stitching images together.

Most “compact” tech cameras use friction movements (meaning you affect a shift/rise/fall by pushing on the rear panel). Cambo’s RC-400, like every current Cambo Tech camera, uses geared self-arresting movements. This provides precise movements with no potential to slip or move between shots. This is especially helpful when stitching or compositing; geared movements (as compared to pushing on a friction movement) make sure that the camera body does not move, ensuring proper registration between images.

A tech camera is ideally a tactile, well crafted tool which translates your artistic vision into a photographic reality. The traditional manner in which you use a tech camera is more akin to a view camera, but with the convenience, speed and quality of working with a modern medium format digital back. It’s a precise, direct and efficient manner of working. With a Cambo tech camera this experience is completed by a variety of “small touches.”

To aid in leveling the camera the tech camera includes up to 5 spirit levels, viewable from nearly any position around the body.

The soft case included with most forms of purchase provides a simple, but effective protection for your body and is compact and flexible enough to be used inside a larger case if desired.

The RS-1200/1250/1600/5000 include a magnetic light which mounts directly under the viewfinder, out of the way, but immediately accessible to provide illumination to the lens’ aperture/shutter/open-close switches when in a dark environment. Since it is magnetically attached it can be easily detached to illuminate other components (like selecting a lens from your bag).

The accessory mount system Cambo employs allows the user to add/remove/reposition accessories like the hand grip, viewfinder and adapter for the compendium without tools. These accessories are built around thumb screws which can be tightened/loosened by hand.

All movements on a Cambo tech camera have detents at 5mm increments. This makes it easy to tell without looking (e.g. when working in pre-dawn or post-dusk light) how much movement is applied. It also makes the creation of lens-correction presets far easier and more reliable. For instance, if you create a lens-correction preset for [Schneider 47mm Digitar XL, f/11, 10mm of rise, IQ160]

you can consistently/easily return to a setting of 10mm of rise (since the movement snaps into its 10mm detent).

On most systems the gravity/weight of the digital back pulls on the rise/fall mechanism, making it harder to effect a rise. The rise/fall movement of the Cambo Wide RS-5000 is counter-weighted, which means it is equally easy to rise the back as it is to fall the back.

When shifting, rising or falling the back the Cambo Wide RS-1250 and RS-5000 provide a movement scale in multiple locations. This allows you to read how many mm of movement are being used whether the camera is high, low or turned away from you. A primary scale for shift is located on the top, near the knob for shift. A primary scale for rise/fall is located on the side, near the knob for rise/fall. Both primary scales provide both 5mm and 1mm increments for an accurate reading of movement. In addition, there are simple markings on the rear which indicate 5mm increments of movement which tell you, at a glance, the approximate amount of movement.

The DT Advantage

Digital Transitions is one of the largest Cambo dealers in the world. We pride ourselves on knowing these tech camera systems better than anyone. This page is provided to help guide our customers early in their process of selecting the body and lenses that best match their needs and budget. But the numbers (price and specifications) are only a small part of the process of selecting a tech camera. The workflows, ergonomics, aesthetics, and “feels right” factors should weigh heavily in this decision.

We strongly encourage you to contact us for an appointment at our office, a remote demonstration (video+audio+screen+file sharing), or an evaluation rental (counted towards purchase) so we can help you determine which fits your needs best.

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