DT Building Blocks: AppleScripts – Extending the Power of Capture One

DT BuildingBlocks-AppleSctiptKits

The Power of AppleScripting

Effective AppleScripting can make Capture One even more powerful, automating repetitive tasks, and removing drudgery. For example, a commercial photographer might have a thousand images that are carefully cropped to square aspect ratios, and they want to change those crops to a wide/landscape aspect ratio, without changing the location of each crop. Doing this manually would require an hour of grunt work. Doing this with an AppleScript would take only seconds (if someone had already written that script). As another example, a photographer in a museum might have a spreadsheet that lists a thousand head dresses they need to shoot, along with metadata such as which artist made the headdress; a script could be written that reads the spreadsheet, announces an item, waits for it to be captured, and enters the artist into the metadata.

The Need for Building Blocks

Capture One 11 significantly added to the AppleScript library for Capture One, which will open up a world of automation and power via scripting. But there are very few teaching/reference resources for clients looking to write their own AppleScripts for Capture One. DT Building Blocks: AppleScripts is a powerful teaching aid designed specifically for digital techs, photographers and programmers to use as a reference when building their own scripts for Capture One. DT Building Blocks provide inspiration and reference code to artists and professionals looking to take their craft to the next level. In the words of one satisfied beta tester, “I was tackling my own AppleScript project and referencing the building blocks saved me hours of trial and error.”

Very Important Note About These Scripts

These scripts are demonstrations of what kind of Capture One problems can be solved with AppleScripts and how that solution might look. They are not meant to be solutions themselves. If you find them as-is to be useful to a specific need you have, great! But their main purpose is to serve as reference for your own custom solutions to your own specific problems. In that regard, we do not offer support for bugs, quirks, or incomplete found in these scripts. For example, for readability and approachability to new programmers not all of these scripts check all required preconditions (such as only having one session open at a time, or requiring a selection) and not all of them provide error handling. You should buy this product if you intend to make your own scripts and want reference code that can help you see how various Capture One commands work, and how they might be used.

List of Scripts

The full suite comprises 30 scripts covering 20 use cases in six areas:

Capture Workflows

  • Create Capture Folders from Clipboard.scpt
  • Make Nested Capture Folders.scpt
  • Toggle Capture Ready Alert.scpt

DT CropControl

  • Height – Decrease.scpt
  • Height – Increase.scpt
  • Nudge Down.scpt
  • Nudge Left.scpt
  • Nudge Right.scpt
  • Nudge Up.scpt
  • Width – Decrease.scpt
  • Width – Increase.scpt


  • Keyword based on exposure meter.scpt
  • Keyword jpgs of JPG+Raw sets.scpt
  • Select every other variant.scpt
  • Select every tenth variant.scpt
  • Select next green tagged.scpt
  • Select possible duplicates (by date-time-EV).scpt
  • Select possible duplicates (by filename).scpt
  • Select potentially overexposed variants.scpt
  • Select variants with blank copyright notice.scpt
  • Select variants with no exposure adjustment.scpt
  • Select variants with squarish crops.scpt
  • Select variants with vertical crops.scpt
  • Selection List to Text Document.scpt


  • Email Processed File.scpt
  • Process Droplet – saved as application without startup screen
  • Process On Capture.scpt


  • Pull Metadata from Numbers Spreadsheet.scpt (along with sample spreadsheet in Numbers format)

Scripting Utilities

  • Close and Reopen Session.scpt
  • PreConditions-Check.scpt

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