BSI Sensors Demystified

Whether you’re already familiar with BSI (Backside Illuminated) digital camera sensors or not, you will certainly be hearing more about them in the future. With significant advantages in light sensitivity, dynamic range, tech camera flexibility, and signal-to-noise ratio, it’s only been their higher manufacturing costs and greater manufacturing complexity that have prevented them from becoming […]

The Infinity Platform, Decoding Marketing Speak

The Phase One IQ4 150mp has many headline features that are largely self-explanatory: 150mp full-frame 645 sensor with best-ever dynamic range, dual next-gen card slots, wireless tethering, etc. But among the more amorphous headlines is the marketing phrase “Infinity Platform” which means nothing, and everything at the same time. In this article we’ll dive into […]

Phase One’s Electronic Shutter in Detail

We first wrote about the sensor-based Electronic Shutter (ES) when the IQ3 100mp added this feature in 2016. Since the IQ4 150mp improves the speed, features, and flexibility of the Electronic Shutter (ES) we thought we’d take another look at this incredibly powerful feature.   A sensor-based Electronic Shutter (ES) option is available on the […]

Party in the Front, Capture One in the Back

Arguably more exciting than even the increase in megapixels, Phase One has integrated their industry-leading Capture One software into the IQ4 digital back. What does this allow you to do? Short answer—a lot. Read about both the obvious, and the not-so-obvious, capabilities this feature enables on our Phase One Knowledge Center website.

Which Phase One Digital Back is Right For You?

With the launch of the Phase One IQ4 100mp Trichromatic we expect one question will be “What’s the difference between all these backs?” This article explains that difference. But as a prelude, we might suggest our Phase One naming clarification article. Analogy: Car Packages Most cars are available with different packages which include valuable, but nonessential, […]

Featured Photographer – Clay Cook

Each month we feature a DT customer who’s doing exciting and interesting work in the world of photography to answer 12 questions and give us a peak into their world. This month we’re excited to feature Clay Cook. Photographer, Clay Cook, has learned the importance of going the extra mile, after a long, arduous run […]