Capture One Lecture Series

Many of our DT clients look forward to receiving our Tuesday Tech Tips, which are full of information and step-by-step instructions on how to use many of the exciting new features in Capture One 5. We’ve decided to expand on those tech tips by introducing the 2010 DRC Lecture Series. If you are new to […]

Leaf Aptus-II 5 Now Shipping!

We are excited to announce that the new Leaf Aptus-II 5 is now shipping. Boasting 22MP at maximum speed and an affordable price, the Leaf Aptus-II 5 is the perfect solution for your business. Finally, you can get medium format quality at DSLR prices. This back works with both Capture One 5 and Leaf Capture […]

The Wait Is Over!

Phase One has released firmware upgrade version 4.8, which allows Live Preview for the P 65+ and P 40+. If you are a user of either of these backs you can now upgrade at your location and start using Live Preview right away. Please download the appropriate installer here. Updates in firmware version 4.8: Live […]

Phase One & Leaf Open House & Training

This week we are holding a special Phase One and Leaf Open House & Training at our Digital Resource Center. Today was our first Transitioning to Capture One 5 lecture and we had special guest speaker, Phase One’s Technical Support Manager, Ulf Liljegren for a special Q&A session. We had a great turnout and many […]

Capture One 5 Released!

Phase One’s newest software, Capture One 5, is now available for download. Phase One rebuilt the software to allow for more advanced features, timely software updates, and improved image quality. Capture One 5 PRO/DB: New Feature Highlights Dust Removal – Erase dust spots with a single click Focus Mask – Accelerate your image selection by […]

Capture One 5 Teaser!

Normally before any major software release I hold off commenting on its new features until I’ve actually seen the software. Enter Capture One 5 Beta! Phase One has released the beta version of the newest upgrade and I think it’s one that many of you will be very happy using. Functionality and features that you’ve […]

Capture One 4.8.3 Released!

Capture One 4.8.3 for Mac and Windows is now available for download. Bug Fixes Mac: Improved compatibility with Snow Leopard. Mac: Fixed issue causing out of memory in certain circumstances. Image Quality Improvements: Improved P 65+ and P 40+ image quality for some shooting conditions. Improvement of default import DNG colors. New Camera Support: Leica […]

David Reinfeld: Taking Photography to New Heights

What makes a picture come alive? Why do some photographs remain in our consciousness, while others fall away? These are the questions that photographer David Reinfeld asks, in a world where the boundaries of well-crafted commercialism and fine art have blurred. David pushes photography to the limit as he captures spectacular landscapes while hanging off […]

Basic Troubleshooting

When equipment starts misbehaving it is useful to know how to find where the trouble is. Of course an advantage of dealing with Digital Transitions is you can call us for help. Here are some of the principals we use to distinguish a hardware problem from a software problem. The first thing to notice is […]

Capture One 4.8.2 Released!

Capture One 4.8.2 for Mac and Windows is now available for download. New Features Include: Ability to set Capture Orientation when shooting tethered (Mac Only) Live Preview Improvements (Mac Only) Image Quality Improvements Network Improvements General Bug Fixes & Improved Stability New Camera Support: Canon 500D Pentax K7 Nikon D5000 Nikon P6000 Olympus E-450 Olympus […]