DT Back in Texas!

You asked and we listened! In order to better serve our clients, we have re-opened and enhanced our Texas location. DT Texas is now a full service branch with a Sales and Technical Support Team. Our support services include on-site installations, technical support, training, warranties, and accessory sales. Contact Information: Digital Transitions Texas 320 Decker […]

More Speed, Less Moiré…The P 65+ is Here!

As photographers test the new Phase One P65+, fewer image-makers focus on the 60.5 megapixels and more people comment on the surprisingly fast P 65+ speed. The P 65+ lives up to its promise of cranking out a frame per second. Couple that capture speed with Capture One 4.6.1 rendering speed where the images are […]

Capture One 4.6.1 Released!

Today Phase One released Capture One 4.6.1. This update from Capture One 4.6 is relevant only to Phase One P 65+ users. New Feature: Capture One 4.6. introduces improved Phase One P 65+ calibration for high ISO images. This new release comes in three versions: 4.6.1, 4.6.1 PRO, and 4.6.1 DB. Capture One 4.6.1 is […]

Capture One 4.6 Released!

Capture One 4.6 was recently released. Here is an overview of the new features and updates from Capture One 4.5.2: Improved Performance: Notably in: Processing, Browsing, Folder viewing and Color Editor Edit Primary Only Option: With Capture One 4.6 we will abandon the Shift modifier key for operating on multiple selected images/variants. With Capture One […]

Protocol for using Phase One Digital Backs on New Macs with Firewire 800

New Mac Laptops including Powerbooks and Macbook pros are being shipped with Firewire 800 only. In order to use your Phase One digital back, you must use a 400 to 800 (6 to 9 pin) converter adapter. You can purchase this cable from any computer store. Please note that the adapter will not change the […]

Capture One PRO & DB for Mac: Minimum System Requirements

To run Capture One PRO or DB with Live Preview: OS: 10.3.9 or later; 10.4.8 or later CPU: G3 or later. Phase One recommends G5 or Intel RAM: 512MB; Phase One recommends 1GB if you are using a Phase One digital back Free Disk Space: At least 2GB

How To Locate Your Capture One Product Key

Here is information on how to locate your Capture One 3.7.x product key for Capture One 3.7.x if you are unable to locate it: If you bought Capture One from a dealer, you can contact the dealer and ask them to send you the product key. If you bought Capture One from the Phase One […]

Photographer David Westphtal

David Westphal is a commercial and landscape photographer located in Los Angeles. He uses his Phase One P 45+ digital back on a Hasselblad H2 and a ALPA 12 SWA. Check out his Shooter Profile and read about his experience with digital photography. Visit www.digitaltransitions.com for more information on digital photography solutions and see other […]

Hasselbad or Imacon Digital Back Trade-ins

Now you can trade-in your Hasseblad or Imacon digital back and get a refurbished Phase One P 45 for $10,990 or a refurbished Phase One P 25 for $7,990! 1.877.f/ortless (367-8537) or email sales@digitaltransitions.com to get more details on this exciting offer! Visit our web site and see our other exciting promotions: www.digitaltransitions.com   (212)529-6825

Digital Resource Center Training Courses

Here at Digital Transitions we believe that education and training are the keys to developing the full potential of your digital tools as well as your creative vision. With the Digital Resource Center (DRC), Digital Transitions provides you a place for you to see, feel and test the latest Phase One products, learn the most […]