Featured Photographer – Marshall Troy

Each month we feature a DT customer who’s doing exciting and interesting work in the world of photography to answer 12 questions and give us a peak into their world. This month we’re excited to feature Marshall Troy. Recognized for his strikingly imaginative imagery and bold use of color, Marshall walks through his inspiration and tips. […]

DT Copal Shutter Workaround for Phase One IQ4 150mp

DT has developed this as a temporary workaround to use until Phase One ships the new IQ4 multiport-to-sync cable and firmware that supports it. For most kinds of imaging the sensor-based electronic shutter (ES) can be used instead of the Copal shutter. Exceptions include working with strobe on a tech camera, where the flash sync […]

Digital Transitions 2019 Upcoming Events

DT’s 2019 event calendar is already filling up quick! Not only do we have Capture One training classes for beginners and experts alike, but we’re also excited to announce some unique events this upcoming year, including: East Coast Tour – Featuring the IQ4 We’ll be traveling to numerous cities along the East Coast—including New York, […]

Phase One IQ4 150 MP – Early Feedback

As the first few dozen IQ4 150s made it into our customers’ hands over the last month, we’ve started to receive feedback and images, and it looks like Phase One has another winner! The most obvious difference is the increase in megapixels, but people are immediately noticing the vastly increased dynamic range & color fidelity […]

Broncolor Winter Sale – 20% Off Accessories

This December is the perfect time to upgrade the lighting in your photo studio. From now until December 24th broncolor is offering 20% off Accessories including Para, Reflectors, Softboxes, and More! Combine that with end-of-year tax discounts to maximize your savings. Shop now! 20% off broncolor Accessories Para, Reflectors, Softboxes, and More! Free Bonus Battery […]

Capture One Studio

Capture One has been the industry-standard tethering and raw processing software for more than a decade. And while Capture One gained that position through its unmatched quality and rich feature set, Phase One recognized that multi-user corporate studios that run numerous simultaneous shoots with multiple photographers needed additional features and tools specific to that unique workflow. […]

Capture One 12 is Here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Capture One 12! Already the industry-leader for processing raw files, this version takes a top-down approach to streamline, modernize, and improve the user experience; continuing the tradition of providing powerful features in a customizable, uniquely-configurable interface. In addition to new masking tools and improved workflow features, there’s an […]

IQ4 150MP Here & Ready to Demo

It’s finally here! We have Phase One’s amazing new technical marvel of a camera – The XF IQ4 150MP featuring the Infinity System – here and ready for in-person demos. We know a lot of you have been waiting to put your hands on this new system to see how significant this upgrade really is—not […]

End-of-Year Tax Deductions on Camera Equipment

Section 179 of the US Tax Code allows small businesses to deduct the full purchase price of equipment in that tax year (even if they’re leasing it) instead of spreading the depreciation of the purchase over multiple years. This means that if you buy a new camera system or photo gear, you can deduct it […]