Phase One CPO Promo

With the announcement of Phase One‘s new IQ4 150MP comes a huge drop in prices across-the-board on previous-generation IQ digital backs. With 50MP starting at $9,990, and 100MP at just over $20,000, there’s never been a better time to join the exclusive ranks of Phase One shooters. DT CommercialPhoto has the best stock of IQ1s, […]

Emerging Trends in Photography Workshops and Finding the Right Expedition

Whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned veteran, photo workshops can help you learn new skills while connecting with other photographers. Today’s workshops are all about the hands-on experience, taking photographers out of the classroom and into the real world. New trends are emerging that are making these workshops more exciting and attractive to […]

Interested in Creating Stunning High-resolution Time Lapse Videos with Phase One?

Time-lapse photographers wanting to create visually stunning and compelling imagery have long sought out Phase One hardware and Capture One software because of their high quality and reliability. But these tools have lacked several of the specific features the most discerning time lapse photographers required. Digital Transitions created the DT Time Lapse Suite to solve this issue […]

Tech Tip – Focus Masking Unmasked!

Hey there MaxRESOLUTION team! In today’s tech tip, we’re going to cover an item that some of you may be familiar with already – the Focus Mask. We’ve explored this topic in the past, but there are some exciting new Focus Mask features that will be enabled on the new IQ4 series of digital backs, […]


Digital Transitions will be in Texas the first week of October with Phase One’s new 150 Megapixel IQ4. Stop by one of our events in Houston, Austin, or Dallas, and be one of the first people in North Amercia to see this amazing new Digital Back in person. We’ll have light bites and refreshments, as well as the Phase One & DT Teamson hand to answer any of […]


A NEW LOOK AND ORGANIZATION. SAME INDUSTRY-LEADING SERVICE & SUPPORT When we founded Digital Transitions in 2003, we had one goal – to help the nation’s most demanding photographers achieve their visions by providing them with the absolute best cameras, accessories, and service available. This ethos has enabled us to grow beyond simply being a […]

Do Megapixels Matter, and is Medium Format Really Better?

Hey there! Arnab Chatterjee, from DT Scientific here. For those of you that aren’t aware, DT is heavily involved in scientific and industrial imaging, with our own internal R&D department always testing and exploring new applications of Phase One technology. But like most of our team at DT, I’m also a passionate photographer, and spend […]