When the Support Team Saves the Day

Pictured above, the DT Support Team & DT R+D Team (clockwise from top): Joseph King, Scott Newirth, Doug Peterson, Spencer Zidarich, & Rudy Lorejo When you invest in a high-end piece of equipment, it goes without saying that you expect stellar quality and serious commitment from the retailer. But in those rare cases where something […]

Top Five Reasons Everyone Should Try a Tech Camera Once

Cambo WRS 1600

You’ve probably been hearing the buzz about tech cameras for a while, but you’re perfectly happy with the system you have. You’re not in the habit of fixing things that aren’t broken, so why should you consider even trying a tech camera? Well, we think everyone should try shooting with a tech camera at least […]

DT is Hiring a Technical Support Specialist

Job Description As the Technical Support Specialist for our Digital Transitions New York Team, you will be responsible for offering professional one to one technical support to our clients.  The responsibilities of this position include, but not limited to equipment testing, email/phone support, updating support cases for the clients, working with our sales team to […]

Featured Photographer – Barry DiBernardo

This month we’re featuring the haunting black and white landscapes of Barry DiBernardo, and getting an inside look at his process and artistic point of view for capturing nature’s beauty.  Describe your approach to photography— What makes your work unique? What makes a good image? Landscape, the Beauty of Nature and the detail thereof… Detail […]

Phase One Medium Format Systems for Under $10,000

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to Medium Format. We’re offering systems that give you all of the benefits of Medium Format – high resolution (50MP to 150MP), incredible detail and color, and advanced features you won’t find on 35mm systems — but at an entry-level price point, $9,990. And because of […]

Sneak Preview – Rodenstock 138mm HR Lens

Digital Transitions is passionate about tech cameras. That’s why we were so excited to hear about the development of a new long lens in the storied Rodenstock HR series, to be available on all Cambo and Arca Swiss tech cameras in the new Aperture-Only mount. The new Rodenstock 138mm HR promises to bring new reach, with […]

Special Pricing on Full-frame 60MP, 80MP, & 100MP

DT always has the largest inventory of Certified Pre-owned Medium Format cameras in the country, and is offering special pricing on our 60MP, 80MP, and 100MP refurbished Phase One systems from now through the end of August. Buying a Certified Pre-owned Phase One system is the easiest way to become a medium format shooter, giving […]

Rental Special – All 100 MP Backs Discounted

IQ3 100MP Trichromatic

From now through the end of August, Digital Transitions is offering steep discounts on the rental of any 100MP Digital Back. This includes the IQ3 100MP, IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, IQ4 100MP Trichromatic, and IQ3 100MP Achromatic Backs.  WHY RENT FROM US? We ship to all 50 states! DT only rents the finest Medium Format gear […]

Why the XF IQ4’s New Feature Update Makes it the Most Average Camera in the World

Highlights Phase One just released the first major feature update for the IQ4 platform One of the new tools, called Frame Averaging, is the most innovative use of sensor technology we’ve seen in a long time Frame Averaging lets a user capture thousands of sequential frames at a set exposure and blends them in raw […]

Updating Your IQ4 with the “Creative Control” Firmware

UPDATE 1 (July 15): Firmware Bug Notice: Currently on Digital Back Firmware 3.00.20, the digital back’s file format will automatically switch to 14 bit Smart everytime when the digital back is turned off and then turned back on; EVEN IF THE DISPLAYED FILE FORMAT ON THE DIGITAL BACK SAYS OTHERWISE.  We are continuously working with Phase One […]