DT Launches “Project Lemonade” During the COVID-19 Crisis

As our nation and the globe deal with the current crisis, many of us that are fortunate enough to not be touched by the outbreak are looking for ways to make the best use of our time while we’re practicing social distancing and spending most of our hours alone at home. At DT, we’ve always […]

New Phase One XT Lenses

We’re excited to announce that Phase One has released a roadmap for three new XT lenses to be released in 2020! All three lenses will be Rodenstock HR Digaron optics integrated into X-Shutters, offering full functionality with the XT IQ4 system.  The first lens to be released is the 50mm f/4, available for pre-order starting […]

Phase One XT and Cambo WRS M645 Lens Adapter Available For Pre-Order!

Do you have a Phase One XT or Cambo WRS camera and want to expand your range of lenses? The Cambo WRS-M645 Adapter is now available for purchase, and enables you to use any Schneider-Kreuznach Blue Ring, Phase One AF/MF, or Mamiya 645 lens (as well as any custom lens with an “M645-mount” fitting) on […]

Phase One Lab, DualExposure+, and the Death of Digital Noise

Please note that the new version of Capture One 20 released today (version 20.0.3) is required to take advantage of DualExposure+. You can upgrade your current version of Capture One 20 by going to Preferences within Capture One, and selecting “Check for Updates” in the Updates tab.  For decades, Phase One has been recognized industry-wide […]

Phase One Launches “Extraordinary Passion” Campaign with DT Client Rudy Atallah

This week Phase One is launching their new “Extraordinary Passion” campaign, showcasing an array of outstanding photographers with the stories behind their work and why they’re passionate about using Phase One medium format camera systems. We’re proud to share that as part of this campaign, they chose long-time DT client, Rudy Atallah. Not only is […]

West Coast Tour – Spring 2020

California, our Phase One West Coast Tour is coming your way! Come try out the powerhouse new IQ4 digital back in-person, see the latest in tech camera technology, or just stop by to say hi to the knowledgeable DT staff. We’ll also be offering discounted Phase One Tune-ups (sensor cleaning, calibration, etc.)—a $600 value— for only $25, ensuring that your older Phase One systems continue […]

Rental Special – All 100 MP Backs Discounted

Including IQ3, IQ4, Trichromatic & Achromatic For a limited time, Digital Transitions is offering steep discounts on the rental of any 100MP Digital Back. This includes the IQ3 100MP, IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, IQ4 100MP Trichromatic, and IQ3 100MP Achromatic Backs.  WHY RENT FROM US? We ship to all 50 states! DT only rents the finest […]

$600 Off Select New & CPO Phase One Lenses, Including Blue Ring

From now through March 31st, we’re offering $600 off Phase One’s best-in-class medium format lenses, including the incredible SK Blue Ring Lenses DT continues to have the largest inventory of Phase One gear in the country, and offers the best trade-in and upgrade deals available, so contact us if there’s anything specific you’re looking for. $600 Off […]

Phase One IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Promo – $12,000 Off

From now through March 31st, we’re offering $12,000 off Phase One’s incredible CPO IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back, including 1-year classic warranty. • The Science Behind the Phase One Trichromatic • Photographer Jeffrey Totaro on His Move to the Trichromatic DT continues to have the largest inventory of Phase One gear in the country, and offers […]