Black & White Comparison – Phase One’s IQ3 100MP Achromatic vs IQ3 100 MP Trichromatic

For many photographers looking to create Black & White imagery, simply desaturating a color image provides all the detail, contrast, and quality necessary—with the added benefit of carrying around just one digital back for both color and B+W. In this 400% zoom from our test image, the small text under the star is significantly clearer […]

Schneider Blue Ring Lens Comparison

The best sensor in the world doesn’t mean anything without a great lens. The incredibly high detail captured by a 150MP sensor can easily exceed the resolving ability of lower-quality glass. With every new product released by Phase One, we take the time to independently test and verify its quality and capabilities so that we […]

DT Spring 2019 Rental Promo

At DT, we invest heavily in our rental inventory, making sure we have the largest and best-maintained selection of Phase One gear in the country, as well as the hard-to-find accessories that ensure a successful shooting experience. Now that Phase One’s new IQ4 150MP is available for rent, we’re offering a limited-time discount on our […]

Get Phase One’s new eBook – “A Journey in Composition”

Get the free ebook A Journey in Composition A Journey in Composition follows Australian photographers Tony Hewitt and Christian Fletcher as they travel across the western United States to re-master the iconic American works and compositional style of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston using Phase One Camera Systems. In the ebook, Tony and Christian’s images are […]

DT Experience – David Shedlarz

Corporate Executive turned fine art photographer and DT client, David Shedlarz put his IQ4 150MP digital back, Cambo tech camera, and Rodenstock lenses to the test on his recent trip to Vietnam. Inspired by new cultures and unscripted moments, he captures portraits, city views, and nightscapes on his travels. His Phase One equipment allows him to […]

Phase One Achromatic Digital Backs

If you’re passionate about Black & White Photography, the Phase One Achromatic digital back is without a doubt the most advanced black & white digital camera system available to consumers today. Whether you’re looking to purchase the brand new IQ4 Achromatic with Phase One’s new Infinity Platform, or looking for a great deal on a Certified Pre-owned system (which goes through DT’s proprietary 30-Point Inspection & Testing […]

Featured Photographer – Andrei Duman

From striking portraits to surreal landscape perspectives, Andrei Duman has built a reputation for creating consistently eye-catching imagery. This month we get a look into his creative process and workflow as he answers our 12 “Featured Photographer” questions. Describe your approach to photography— What makes your work unique? What makes a good image? Art in […]