Announcing the Phase One XT – A Field Camera Revolution

We’re excited to share Phase One’s newest innovation in camera technology – the Phase One XT, A revolution in Field Cameras. 

Designed for convenience and engineered for precision, the travel-friendly XT Camera System fits easily into your lifestyle. It pairs an intuitive interface with the unparalleled technology and image quality for which Phase One is known. The XT offers you total control over the shooting workflow, and absolute freedom to focus on your creative process. As beautiful as it is powerful, the XT pioneers new opportunities for you to seek, capture and share the extraordinary.

For an in-depth look at the XT’s capabilities, check our Phase One XT site here.

Seek Extraordinary

The XT Camera System

The Ultimate Tool for Precision Photography

Light on Weight, Heavy on Features

As Powerful as a View Camera, As Simple as an SLR

Seamless Workflow from Composition to Completion

Unleashes the Power of the IQ4 Infinity Platform

Click Here to see our collection of RAW files shot with the Phase One XT

Effortless Capture

A Radically Simplified Workflow

Total Integration Between Back, Body, and Lens

Complete Perspective Control with Any Lens

No Cables or External Shutter Controllers

Built-in Extended Metadata Recording

Modern Mechanical Shutter Replaces and Expands Copal Shutters

Download our Workflow Comparison PDF to see how the XT simplifies your photography

Streamlined Design

Small, Lightweight, & Portable

30% Lighter than XF IQ4

Even Lighter than 100MP Crop Sensor Mirrorless Cameras like Fuji GFX 100s — with 50 more MP, 50% more sensor area, and movements

Camera, Back, and Lens are all you need to shoot. No other parts.

Includes customizable protective storage pouches small enough to fit into any bag, pack, or hard case

Advanced built-in features like frame averaging, metering, and bracketing let you leave bulky filter holders, lightmeters, and intervalometers at home

Download our Size Comparison PDF to see how the XT stacks up against other popular Tech Cameras


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