When we founded Digital Transitions in 2003, we had one goal – to help the nation’s most demanding photographers achieve their visions by providing them with the absolute best cameras, accessories, and service available. This ethos has enabled us to grow beyond simply being a “Camera Store” into a multi-divisional, multi-disciplinarian digital imaging resource leader. By not only investing in the largest inventory of Phase One gear in the country, but also in an internal R&D and Product Engineering Department, we quickly attracted the attention of imaging professionals beyond the photographers we first set out to serve.

In 2005, we launched our Cultural Heritage division, serving the library, museum, and archives communities with innovative new products developed by our internal R&D team. Then, in 2017, we established our newest division, DT Scientific, to provide high-precision imaging solutions to complex science and engineering problems.

As we expanded in size, product scope, and knowledge leadership, the original definition of who Digital Transitions is no longer fit. So in order to continue providing superior customer experience, as well as better define each divisions’ unique strength, we’ve made the decision to restructure and re-brand our company to better fit the organization we’ve expanded into.

Digital Transitions is now the parent company of our three subsidiary divisions:

DT CommercialPhoto: The premier destination for the highest quality photographic solutions available, and the world’s largest dealer of Phase One camera systems.

DT CulturalHeritage: America’s leading source, designer and manufacturer of digitization solutions for our nation’s libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions.

DT Scientific: Bringing the power of large-format imaging to the scientific and industrial community with unmatched precision, automation, and versatility

In addition to the restructuring of our websites, we’ve also updated our logo and brand identity. As with our divisional reorganization, it was important to recognize the values and history that brought us here, while also communicating the forward-thinking, technically advanced company we’ve become. To that end, the new logo has evolved to be both more modern and sophisticated, and easily recognizable as Digital Transitions.

While the organization of our websites and branding may have changed, we still bring the same passion for excellence and making the customer experience top-priority that allowed us to grow to this point in the first place. 2018 is a landmark year at DT for a number of reasons, so we hope you join us in celebrating these exciting changes and promising future.