Announcement: Capture One 9.1 Released

Capture One 9.1 builds on the power, quality and precision of 9.0 – adding workflow accelerators and superior, integrated workflow experiences for the Phase One XF Camera System.

Sequence Tool management for the XF

Images captured via the XF’s new sequence tools are automatically tagged and can be organized easily by Capture One 9.1. Filters, Dynamic locations, “select by sequence” and “create album by sequence” shortcuts help organize content in a precise and efficient way.

Rotatable Live View

The entire workflow for copying adjustments during tethered capture is redesigned to allow faster configuration and smoother workflow. Live view can be orientated for still life work with the next captures mirroring the live view orientation.

Metadata for tethered workflow

Production and e-commerce clients can now easily include metadata with “copy from last” in tethered shoots, making shot to shot application of copyright and other metadata easy and intuitive.

Export/Output Keyword restrictions

Control and limit the keyword libraries output to final file for certain stock requirements.

New Color Editor Tools

The Color Editor’s Skin Tone tool adds uniformity sliders for saturation and lightness, supercharging corrections of uneven skin tones.

Improved Shortcuts

In the ever increasingly competitive marketplace, production value is all about better workflow and less work. A number of extra shortcuts are added to aid the professional workflow – reset counters, layer controls, and “select by…” are added to help in all areas of the workflow.

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