Amr El-Shafei Shares His Adventures with Phase One

Long Time Partner

We’re delighted to share that our long-time partner, Dr. Amr El-Shafei, was recently featured by Phase One in their new stories collection. A Digital Transitions client for nearly a decade, Amr is a cardiologist and travel photographer with a talent and passion for creating stunning imagery across the globe

Uncompromising Standards

Like all of our clients, Amr’s uncompromising standards for image quality led him to seek the world’s finest photography equipment, and ultimately, a resource that could help him throughout his journey, from planning through field support. As a seasoned travel photographer, Amr is an expert at planning — the next step is having the appropriate, photographic tools for the job at hand.

Modular Toolbox

Over the years, we’ve worked with Amr to help him build an expansive but modular toolbox — Phase One XF and Phase One XT systems, color and achromatic digital backs, and a whole host of lenses and accessories, specifically chosen for their unique capabilities. He can select the perfect components for the expedition for each new project and be on his way. As the most extensive Phase One dealer in the world, we’re in the best position to secure new products or those in short supply just in time for his journeys across the globe!

And of course, if there’s a challenge in the field, like any of our clients, he gives us a ring — +1 (212) 529-6825, option 4 for support — and we work him through it as quickly as possible!


You can read Phase One’s full feature on Amr here, and see more of Amr’s work here. 


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All images featured in this article are courtesy of Dr. Amr El-Shafei.